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Little Buds (5 - 10 Yrs)

Paint, Draw, Tinker, Build!  Art Classes for Kids

The Little Buds program is our OG and beloved offering, where kids can explore a variety of artistic mediums including watercolors, pastels, clay, 3D art, and mixed media. 

This 1-hour class blends fine art techniques with personal expression, delving into art history, seasonal themes, and the elements of art. Join us to paint, draw, tinker, and build using high quality surfaces and unique tools. 

Each quarter brings new challenges and themes to inspire young artists, or you can advance to our Sketching Squad starting this fall (more details below).

Little Buds

Our OG and beloved offering. Each quarter, explore a variety of new themes, projects, artistic mediums, and forms to build a solid foundation in arts.

Sketching Squad I (starting Fall 2024)

Dive deeper into the world of sketching with our action-packed program, unlocking secrets of perspective, shading, and composition to turn doodles into masterpieces, while embarking on thrilling adventures from sketching comic book characters to creating fantastical worlds.

Studio Schedule

The studio will be closed during Thanksgiving Week from Nov 25 - 29 and during Winter break from Dec 23 - Jan 3

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